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Looking for Windows-friendly iOS Web development, profiling and testing? The Mobile Web, Responsive Design, iPhone, and iPad Simulator powerhouse suite built for Mobile Web Professionals, but priced to suit even a hobbyist at $39.99 USD

iPhone, iPad, and Responsive Simulators for just $39.99 - Take the Full Product for a FREE 7 Day Trial

Our free 7 day trial lets you take the entire feature set for test-drive. Upon purchasing a license you are granted 2 transferable, concurrent activations allowing for use of the product on 2 computers to support common home/work and laptop/desktop scenarios.

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Microsoft Visual Studio 2012,2013 and 2015 Integration

Electric Mobile Studio automatically detects VS 2012-2015 and optionally allows for direct integration to the "Browse With..." menu.

Multi Instance iPhone and iPad Web Simulation for Windows with Group Control

Control multiple instances with unique configurations, conditionally hide to reduce clutter. Never lose context with group control's live thumbnail previews.

Responsive Design Tools For Hyper-Productive Design, Prototyping and Testing

Change resolutions on the fly, add custom configurations, upgrade/degrade browser HTML5 support, rotate to portrait and landscape...

A Powerful Command Pallette is Just a Click Away

Synchronized navigation, high fidelity screen shots, rotation, opacity, quick access to group control makes managing multiple simulator instances a breeze.

HTML5 Feature Control for Making Sure Your Site or App Degrades Gracefully

Toggle support for HTML5 Databases like IndexedDB and WebSQL, localStorage, Location, JavaScript, WebGL and More.

Step Into the Code With Integrated Web Inspector and Debugger

If you are Comfortable With Chrome and WebKit Debugging Tools You'll be Right at Home

Location, Location, Location

Integrated GPS simulation presents JavaScript Geolocation APIs to your Mobile Web Apps and Pages. Graphically Adjust Coordinates via an Interactive Map.

Play Favorites

Streamlined Support for Adding Favorites With Quick Hot-Key Navigation

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